Amanda -- Lovely Lady in the Beaches I met Amanda in the Beaches earlier in the week, and I had a great time. She is striking and when I arrived, she went out of her way to make me comfortable. Amanda is a sexy real woman, she is well put together, she is fun to talk to, and she really goes out of her way to please. She has lovely curly red hair, a fine body, and a sexy voice. I can say she is fun to kiss; I had the privilege of trying multiple positions including 69, which I like. Overall, I really enjoyed visiting Amanda.


Amanda in The Beaches Amanda has good reviews on Terb and I can testify that she deserves them. I saw her for the first time today. I will repeat. She is an attractive redhead. At my age I appreciate a real, grown, experienced woman over the young ones. Booking was easy, usual two call system got me to her incall. Parking was close at hand and the TTC serves the area. The thing that impressed me about her was her ability to immediately put me at ease. It did not feel like a first time session. There was a level of comfort and relaxation that usually takes a few visits to establish. We spent a pleasant hour in bed, it was a nice gfe, lots of kissing and touching, lfk, dfk, daty, bbbj and cfs, 2sog. The photos on her website are recent and accurate. She looks good. It was a very pleasant hour and I will be back.




Amanda (aka Pepperina) Sexy Redhead MILF - Review


I was admiring Amanda`s ad on TERB (again, likely for the 50th time) this morning and said to my self `Self, how long are you gonna wait before you contact this hot looking lady?` My sub conscience was convincing so I dialed her number and Amanda answered. What a sexy voice. Setting up a get together (for an hour later) went smoothly and I was on the road to the Beaches. Amanda provides very detailed instructions so finding her incall was a breeze. The rain and wind were brutal though! Amanda greeted me at the door and she was all and more of who I expected to see. Her pics are self explanatory; Amanda has a body girls much younger would hope to have. The only unknown looks wise was facially and I was pleased to see that Amanda is very pretty. I am quite nervous when first meeting someone so I fumbled my way through introduction and first few words but Amanda was very welcoming. I excused my self to head to wash up and returned to find Amanda lighting some candles. We reclined onto her futon and the next 45 minutes or so were filled with DFK`ing, which Amanda told me she loves in a session, DATY, mutual fondling, more DFK`ing mixed in between everything, followed by an outstanding BBBJ that had me drawing on all the willpower I could so as not to end too soon. Amanda sat up on me in the CG position and slipped a condom on little bcd. We rocked this position for a few minutes before switching to mish. All in all a very enjoyable time with Amanda. She is very communicative, has a good head on her shoulders and we talked about many issues. There was no rush or clock watching, as we laid cuddled together after, shooting the breeze. One hour $220.00 and a very enjoyable time with Amanda. My first visit but I won`t need my sub conscience to talk me into calling her again!


Amanda from the Beaches... Great experience


I recently visited Amanda a while back and was impressed with how our session went and so thought that I would see her again, only this time to spend an afternoon with her. I haven’t written a review on this board so bear with me... When I met her at her place she was wearing a very tight and very short white dress. I generally liked the overall experience and so after some kissing and getting reaquainted we left for a restaurant on the Danforth. We had lunch on an outdoor patio which was covered with trees and she kept looking around to see that no one was watching while she gave me a bunch of hidden kisses. Very sexy. When we got back to her place she continued with the kisses and hugs and she sat on her bed and said “lets get comfortable”. When she laid back on the bed I saw her black panties which had a white skull on it which for me was the most sexy thing as it was a direct contrast to her dress. By the way she loves New Orleans which it turns out is where they came from. Amanda has great oral skills which took me to the brink and she knew when to let up and climbed on top to rub herself over me without penetrating. Afterwards she put the condom on and we went at it in multple positions. After cumming she continued to hold me and then gave me a very thorough back rub which completely relaxed me. A short while after she looked straight in my eyes and said “We’re not finished” and then began to start our second session. All I can say is that Amanda knows what to do and throughly enjoys it. I would highly recommend that you see her, I know I will again.


Amanda - Indep - review


I have seen this lovely lass a few times and she is great. She is in the Beaches area of Toronto and does advertise her on the board with pics. Very attractive lady in her early 40's. A kick ass frame with wonderful breasts and a wonderful round and yummy ass. She is very attractive and has freckles...which is always a sexy feature. A very fun and nice lady. Good DFK, she is engaged and in the moment for the time you are with her. Very good oral skills and a fun and active partner in the sack. Interesting, bright and fun to be with.


Amanda Sexy MILF Next Door


Last week I was in Toronto on business and after an extended length of time between extra curricular pooning sessions I decided to call Amanda who is an old favorite of mine. I received a delightful response from Amanda regarding my proposal of an extended dinner date and desert at my hotel. Amanda arrived at the restaurant on time, dressed super sexy in a tight black dress that showed her killer curves and an ample bosom. We enjoyed a great dinner and laughed at the extra attention from our young waiter who was enjoying Amanda's cleavage. When he offered desert, Amanda coyly responded " I have that covered " and give him a sexy wink. With the check covered, we hopped into a cab for the hotel. While in the cab Amanda gave me a sneak peek at what was to come with some DFK and some gentle petting. This was like an amuse bouche to the foreplay that was to come. Before I knew it we were at the hotel and in my room. Amanda excused herself to freshen up. I put on some music and poured some wine. Amanda soon opened the door to the bathroom revealing a very sexy red bustier with black stockings and a next to nothing thong. I was in awe ! Amanda strolled over and pushed aside the wine I was offering as she had other things on her mind. Amanda pushed me into the lounge chair and slowly loosened my tie and unbuttoned my shirt kissing my chest while working her down to my now throbbing cock. Before I knew it I was in her mouth for a very slow and passionate blow job with intense eye contact and determined look to please. With my mind and cock about to blow Amanda slowed the action and stood up taking me by the hand to the bed. We slowly undressed each other and giggled a little trying to get Amanda out of her sexy bustier. With some heavy DFK and pelvic grinding it was my time to enjoy a little DATY. Amanda was a little more than worked up as I enjoyed tasting her wetness and it didn't take long before she was gripping the sheets in an intense orgasm. After a short break for a sip of wine, Amanda was back between my legs getting Jr. ready for action. Once at full attention and cover on Amanda put her ass in the air, offering my favorite position. I teased her with just the tip for a couple minutes slowly pushing in and out. As I could feel her frustration build and reaching a breaking point, I gave her one long deep thrust and didn't move. I felt her muscles tighten around my stiffness as her body gave a slight shutter. It was then I moved in and out while being gripped tightly by her pussy. I quickened my pace feeling the depths of her when she reached between her legs and started to stroke herself and my balls as they pressed against her. This was more than I could handle and shot a load as deep as I could go. After a little cool down and a soapy shower, we finished our wine and enjoyed some pillow talk. As the evening was getting on Amanda got dressed and gathered her things. I was about to walk her to the door when she took me by the hand and took me back to the bed and gave me a fantastic good night blow job, cleaned me up, tucked me in and let herself out. I have to say this was a very romantic evening with a very sexy lady. Thanks Amanda So gentlemen if you are looking for an extended encounter or even a short visit

Amanda will not disappoint. As always YMMV.


Discreet Amanda Beaches

I spent an awesome hour(plus) with Amanda yesterday. What an amazing woman! Very cool, down to earth and sexy. Booking was easy - she likes to talk to you on the phone. The incall is close to parking and TTC, not upscale, but is more than acceptable - clean and tidy. Amanda is mature with an awesome body and great DDs with inverted nipples (which I love, but according to her confuse the heck out of most guys). Well, after some amazing DFK, I went to work on those girls but only managed to get one to pop, oh well. She really enjoyed My DATY (I received a thumbs up later), taste and hygiene were impeccable. Then her turn: awesome extended BBBJ, I almost popped. On to CG (with dome, of course), the I finished in doggie while enjoying the beautiful view. We lay intertwined in postcoital bliss and had an cool chat about road trips (hmmmm...a road trip with her would be great!). Overall, a top notch experience. I will certainly repeat.


Amanda in the Beaches - A very nice welcome back to T.O.


Recently I was back in Toronto for an evening after moving away last year. I had not hobbied in quite some time so I decided to call up an all time favourite, Amanda to see if she could join me for an evening of fun. With luck she was available, so we set up a time at my hotel and a rate for the evening. When Amanda arrived at my hotel she was dressed very sexy, in tight black jeans and a sexy blouse as per my request. She gave me a very deep kiss and embraced me for several mins before letting go. She could tell I was happy to see her by the bulge in my pants. We had a quick drink in the room and headed out for some dinner, pleasant conversation and a lot of flirting. We finished dinner, grabbed a cab and headed for my hotel. Once in the room I poured a couple glasses of wine as Amanda was freshening up. She came from the bathroom in a little pink number I have seen in her pics, very sexy indeed. She came to my side, took a sip of wine and then pulled me to the bed. Amanda helped me out of my clothes and took control of the rest of the evening. For the couple of hours, I was in heaven. Amanda left quietly, leaving me in a partial slumber exhausted from the session. She texted from the cab a "thank you, had a great time " which was a nice touch to end the evening. Amanda is a great GFE. Our session was slow and sensual at times, hot and vigorous at others. Simply great. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip back to the city and will certainly call on Amanda again. in the Beaches...


Spent 90 minutes in the Beaches with this Mature Redhead this afternoon.... when I arrived she welcomed me with a big hug and kiss...and we were off to the playroom...we talked for a few minutes to break the ice and then the fun started...she disrobed and laid on the bed...with 1 arm resting over her head with the other beckoning me to join her...we started off with some passionate DFK...and caressing ...which led to her working her way down until her soft lips engulf the little guy...5 minutes or so of her top notch skills and boom went the first shot.... she cleans me up and we laid there and talked legs entwined and totally relaxed.....Amanda goes down for another round of BBBJ...after a few minutes , I said Its my she positions herself for my oral assault and down I went.....I was amazed at how smooth her lower area was...inner thighs..outer thighs...all around her kitty...Her ass...all as smooth as silk....gotta be lazered.... After my extended time below I came up for some more DFK and on went the hat... Mish..doggie..Flat doggie...and back to Mish for the finish... cleaned up..laid there in post coital bliss for awhile legs entwined again...and the whole time we were talking I was constantly caressing her smooth as silk nether regions... I was totally mesmerized.... Coulda laid there for another hour but time was i got dressed and a few hugs...and kisses later and I was off to do battle on the highway going home. Conclusions... GOOD Easy to talk to.. intelligent Wicked sense of humor... the most amazing hair..tight red curls..I loved playing with it while she was down below smoothest kitty I have ever spent time playing with... Not a clock watcher..( I was) Her selfies are a true depiction of her... BAD Traffic- getting to her..I was almost 20 minutes fault..and she was understanding..(THANK GOD).. I only stayed for 90 minutes and should have gone for atleast 2...I always book the same amount time as my travel time...(45 minute drive 1 way i book 90 minutes...1hr 2 hrs...and so on)..spent almost 2 hrs round trip... Couldnt get those inverted nipples to pop!!...(I`m gonna make it my mission to... next time)LOL All in All Solid Mature Provider..IMO..


1. Amanda at the beaches. I got a thing for redheads and brunettes - so her being a redhead already had me going. Booked an hour and a half. She was great. Super nice and made me feel comfortable. Started with some LFK to DFK. BBBJ, Russian, DATY (she had an orgasm with this), Mish, Doggy, CG back to doggy. We pretty much went at it for most of the time. Ended off with a shower for two and some DFK. She is awesome and would totally repeat




Amasing Time with Amanda, a must see!!


I don?t really post that much but thought that I would write about an appointment that I recently had with Amanda. After searching out other positive reviews I thought I would see her. She lives in the trendy beaches area with parking available. When I rang the door bell I was greeted by this beautiful redhead with a short (very short) pretty white dress and was lead upstairs which is nicely decorated that gives off this warm comfortable feeling. Once in the room she looked at me and gave me a kiss and a big hug hello. After speaking for a while getting to know each other she told me about her life which relaxed me and made me feel at ease. After a while she reached over and started to kiss me again and said let?s get comfortable. I`m not one to get into details but l can say that not only did she really enjoy herself she left me spent with a smile on my face. She posts on 411 and trust me her pictures don`t do her justice. It`s the smile that got me and most importantly when we finished and got dressed she said that she didn`t have an immediate appointment and asked if she could make me a coffee. I of course accepted and continued with our chat. True GFE and something I thought was very classy of her to do. I`ll certainly see Amanda again.


Sexy Redhead in Toronto Beaches - 9687


I want to share with all, my experience with a very sexy Redhead that I met while I was down by the beaches the other day. Easy to contact, and prompt replies to my message from Amanda, booking was a breeze and finding the incall location was easy. Greeted at the door by a great smilling, sexy redhead, in a xxxxxxxxxxxx lingerie outfit, emphazing her luscious D-Cup breasts, I was mumbling words that made no sense, LOL was invited in and sat down. Amanda proceeded to make some small talk so I could relax, but I was fixated on her D-cup breasts, that were eager to come out of the outfit. We kissed, LFK, then some DFK, and by this point my hands were all over the girls, and boy this girl is a great kisser, but it takes two to tango, so I guess I was not too shabby either. After a lot of kissing, she started to slide down my chest, and proceeded to help me get my shorts off, as soon as my shorts hit the floor this girl started to lick my shaft up and down. I laid back, and this girl went to town on charly. Her ass is nice and round, so I proceeded to spin her around, and position us into a 69, with those ass cheeks at my mercy, I could see her wet pussy eager for my tongue, very smooth kitty, and very tasty. We worked at eachother genitals for some time, it was very blissful and I lost track of time, but I worked her lips and clit over with my tongue, she was very wet, and I was eager to..... So she slipped the cover on me. Turned Amanda over, and got her to get on top, as my cock pushed in her wet lips, I could hear Amanda moan softly, and as we picked up our pace, her moans grew in frequency. We switched up positions, missionary, cowgirl, and Doggy, and this is where I knew it would be game over, as her nice ass slid back and forth pushing my hard cock to the edge, where I could not hold it any longer. turned her over so I could finish on her body, it was total bliss. I was spent. She cleaned me up, we chatted a bit, as she stroked my meat, wasn't sure if I was going to spring into action that quick, but with the help of her hand, mouth, and me playing with her D's, got me up standing in no time. She slid the cover on me again, and rode me, and really ground down on my manhood, I can see she was enjoying this, and she kept it up, until she came, at which point I turned her over to my fav, doggy, and I pounded that wet pussy again, until I came, This is a Hot Redhead :), a firecracker, with great tits for those that love tits :D Like me, and great body for doggy. Face 8/10 :D Body 8/10 :D Attitude 9/10 :D BBBJ 12/10 :D Overall 9/10 :D:D:D Definitely repeat when I'm in the beaches again. :p Booked ONE HOUR - 220 ROSES Boys Enjoy. Unlike my Sig, I did not leave this encounter with Blueballs, OH NO :  


Incredible Red Head Milf Amanda 416-616-9687


I like the 25-35 year old range, but I have a definite weakness for red heads, so compromise older but smoking hot body, red head, and all the things I like to do for $140 HH. Nice place, easy to book, and pictures are her. A chit chat, and I was ready, nearly snapped my xxxxxxxxxxxx buddy off taking my pants off. We started with a xxxxxxxxxxxx DFK and then she slid down and started with an amazing BBBJ, and I was ready to explode, got her off her knees and threw her on the bed and returned the favour. Pure delight, her kitty is clean and responsive, and let me tell you its true about red heads just dont stop cumming when you get them going. From there moved to a xxxxxxxxxxxx mish, then doggie - what an ass, reverse cowgirl and i shot. I moved quickly back down to her kitty while I recharged and pushed hard to get the second shot. Let me tell you she helped, probably the fastest recovery in awhile, so I decided to go for the second shot doggy, and i pounded hard as I thought I would go over my time, no worries, but she is not a clock watcher, and was accommodating. Repeat is a definite, as I am in TO every other Tuesday, and for the $140 HH its a great deal  




Review: nice gfe session with Pepperinna


Date: 5/13/2015

Provider: Pepperinna

Phone: 416-616-9687

Email Address:

URL / Website:

City: Toronto State:Ontario - Address: Danforth/beaches

Appointment Type: Incall

Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes

Activities: lfk, facesitting, daty, fiv, bbbj, cg, mish

Session Length: 60 Fee: 250

Hair Length and Color: red, shoulder-length

Age: 42

Smoking Status: Non-Smoker

Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian

Physical Description: 40's, athletic build, pretty, fantastic log red hair, DD breasts, nice ass, hazel eyes

Recommendation: hell yes!


Review: Amanda Discreet

Date: 10/15/16 Provider: Amanda aka Pepperinna

Phone: 416-616-9687

Email Address:

URL / Website:

City: Toronto State: Ontario Address: Danforth/beaches

Appointment Type: Incall

Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes

Activities: dfk, daty, bbbj, cg, lfk, mish, hj

Session Length: 60 min

Fee: 240

Hair Length and Color: long curly red hair past shoulders

Age: 41

Smoking Status: Non-Smoker

Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian

Physical Description: Toned lush body, full breasts, long legs, big dark brown eyes, beautiful broad smile, soft freckled skin, many unusual and intriguing tattoos. Her website provides accurate photos and gives a good description of what to expect from her.

Recommendation: Yes